Tax advice

• Ongoing tax consultancy
• Special tax issues and tax structuring advice
• Corporate and wealth succession
• Structuring and reorganisation
• International tax law, including transfer pricing

Restructuring: Improving profitability and tax efficiency.
There are many good reasons for restructuring: Cost reduction through outsourcing, enhancing international competitiveness, minimizing liability risks, securing bank financing or preparing for the next generation to take the helm. Before starting, however, it is necessary to sound out the legal and tax framework in order to optimise tax impacts and contain liability risks. For example, there is often a risk in restructuring of a taxable disposal being deemed to have taken place even if there has been no inflow of cash. There are also time limits to observe following a sale or transfer to ensure that a tax-neutral transaction does not retroactively become taxable in full. In all such questions, you can rely on full advice from WirtschaftsTreuhand – including, and especially, when it comes to investments abroad.

Electronic tax audits: All in perfect order.
Electronic tax audits allow the German tax authorities to analyse and assess your company’s tax-relevant data faster, more comprehensively and more accurately. Any inconsistencies or gaps in that data, however, incur the risk of sanctions such as fees for delay, coercive fines, and estimation – or else long term damage to your relationship with the tax authorities. WirtschaftsTreuhand supports you in making available all relevant data in full, free of errors and on time. Our experienced auditors and tax advisors use the same software as the tax authorities, supplemented with valuable additional analysis tools. Data access and selectivity options are tested and configured. Any irregularities or risk areas can be identified and addressed in advance. The analysis findings also enable you to make improvements for the future at an early stage – and not just in the area of taxation.

International tax law: Knowing what counts – everywhere.
As markets globalise, companies too are becoming increasingly international. Investing abroad opens up new opportunities but also entails large tax risks. Failing to set appropriate transfer prices on goods and services exchanged between group companies, for example, can lead to large retrospective tax bills, sanctions, or even double taxation. The same applies when pricing transfers of knowledge or function. WirtschaftsTreuhand offers comprehensive advice in such matters, taking in the tax framework along with all aspects of civil, company and commercial law. As members of AGN International Ltd. , we are able to provide you with support through our partners worldwide. This means you will be served everywhere by local experts with intimate knowledge of their national legal system.